Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Sleepess And Restless Girl Song Lands, Long Live Indie Music!

Many of us were mistaken to think we have seen the end of indie vocalist Hanan Madi, she just recorded and released a new song. This is a nostalgic song for a generation who grew up knowing Hanan and her soothing voice and music videos. The new song is the lyrics of Amr Hassan and the music of Mostafa Al Assal.

The filming of this music video took three days and two different locations the second location was a restaurant inside the district of Zamalik. The resilient city of Ismailya served as the first location. The young artist who is featured here is Ali Al Alfi, he is working on his own album which is set to release next April--the song will be included then.

Originally, this was a poem that came to Ali, he loved it and approached his new friend Hanan to sing along--she agrees and did not ask for a fee. Hanan is a fan of this indie artist. She was quoted to have said this is my generation passing the torch to the next.

The song itself is about a woman who is unable to sleep. She is love sick and unable to move forward with her life as of yet. Hanan felt that she is singing this song for her own girl. This goes once again to show that indie artists are able to make new music that feels real and that address real issues not canned subjects..

البنت الى سهرانة " حنان ماضى - على الالفى "


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