Thursday, October 30, 2014

Calling All You Iraqi Music Lovers--Shatha Revisits Folklore

It pays for a young and a bright star to go back and revive folkloric songs that they find interesting. The reward is bigger if the artist seeks to make his own folklore well known. Shatha Hassoun comes from a land where history was born, a land of civilizations since the down of time. So it makes perfect sense for this pop diva to perform Iraqi songs.

Shatha, even performs them in the Gulf, an area that likes Iraqi music--but just the music. She has sang in many tongues, and styles, now she feels special as she does old songs from her people.  The songs are about that universal love, there's dance too, and some world-class musicians playing old and new world instruments.

عالهودلك - تراث عراقي - شذى حسون


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