Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Download: Tamer Ashour New 2014 Album البوم تامر عاشور - عشت معاك حكايات @TamerAshourMag

If you are not excited, you should be, Tamer Ashour is giving us one hell of an awesome musical treat that we have waited for since his last album that was buried in the chaos of 2011.

Ten solid tracks that compete with one another to please your ears, heart and everything in between. The album comes with the clever title of tales lovers love with each other. Tamer Ashour is a happy camper, he composed at least seven of these songs in here, and got three other musicians to give him their finest work--Amr Mostafa composed one track.

Here, you will get romance, dance, drama, blues and party. This is the latest offering from Tamer Ashour the singer, the composer and the guy who is about to become the life of every Egyptian party.

Each of the tracks are to be found here
01 - Law Ghaly Aleik
02 - Malish Hal
03 - Esht Maak Hekayat
04 - Entaq
05 - Waqt El wadaa
06 - Ana Ragea
07 - Makamlnash
08 - Mesh Sahla
09 - Get Ala karamty
10 - Men Gherak


Ana Rage3 - Tamer Ashour انا راجع - تامر عاشور


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