Thursday, October 2, 2014

Download Yara 2014 Album #Yara #AyechBiOyouni Now! البوم يارا - عايش بعيونى

She gave you the album that you have been asking for for almost five years. I hope you get to enjoy this work of art by Yara. She is the butterfly of Arabic pop as she is so delicate and so elegant all at once. She is a lady whose fame is well-earned....and now we get to see her go back to her Lebanese roots as she sings in her mother dialect....and work with the top talents who believe in her.

This particular album is meant to be shared with as many people as one can. Why? It's so warm and so good that will earn you new friends.

There are 11 good songs in here, Yara makes them good....just by putting her voice on each one of them, they have no reason not to be a hit track. I miss that Yara, when we first heard form her back in 2005 from nowhere she came. Now she returns to the same style, but with a bigger fan base and a better name recognition. Now you know she is a voice that has a lasting impact.

01 - Betheb
02 - Oul
03 - Ah Mennak Ya Hawa
04 - Ayech Bi Oyouni
05 - Ma Baaref
06 - Betrouh
07 - Aam Ghanni
08 - Ya Reit
09 - Beyt Habibi
10 - Hayda Hayda
11 - Maghroum

Yara - Ma Baaref (Lyric Video) / يارا - ما بعرف


  1. Can't get enough of this album!