Friday, October 3, 2014

Maya Diab Wants To Protect Your Breasts! #PinkStands4

So she launched not a new song, not a new music video but an awareness campaign to bring light to breast cancer. PinkStands4 is the name of that effort, a Lebanese effort that is taking its message outside of the motherland. The pop diva and TV host Maya Diab sported a new outfit in a conference she held to talk about breast cancer among women. She feels its her duty to do that, I admire her choice. She has found a good cause and she stuck to it--this is not her first time doing a breast cancer blitz.

Maya wants woman to do the test to detect cancer before it gets in a late stage. Other ladies and celebrities have joined the event including fashionista, plastic surgeon, and socialites. Watch these interviews from the event with a number of powerful women showing up at a posh Beirut venue to show their support and love for those who live with this disease.

Maya is a big boost for this effort, more women need to be aware of this, but also they need an average woman from these communities to join their effort. Early detection really saves lives. Maya is a great marketing guru, for once she is selling a good that does not make money, but change lives.

مايا دياب تحثّ النساء على الوقاية من سرطان الثديّ


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