Sunday, October 12, 2014

Download: Dounia Batma 2014 Album البوم دنيا بطمة 2014 @i_donia

Morocco's finest pop import released her debut album Donia Batma, you may recall her from two years ago on Arab Idol--she almost took home the title, but she ended up being a runner up. Nevertheless she is a cool cat of pop music. She took a music producer to be her husband and she has never shied away from controversy. She hails from the city of Casablanca and that tells of her beauty, talent and strong personalty.

She presents 16 tracks in the album and so much work has gone into each of these songs...Dounia is from Morocco, but she lives in the Gulf now and this is where she sings and thus it makes sense for her to sing in the local dialect. I am certain her fans and admirers will flock to the stores to buy her album--she is really good and singing which should go without saying....

But I have yet to listen to each track and get a feel for the level of work that has gone into the production of a 16 track album. Batma's vocal abilities continue to amaze her fans and foes alike. Mohammed Al Turk is her manger, producer and loving husband.

Track List

01 - Omy Daeatly
02 - Faged Hananek
03 - Hobak Asal
04 - Ya Galbou
05 - Mashi Shoghli
06 - Asameh
07 - Ala Fekrah
08 - Haik Kedha
09 - Adel Elhess
10 - Tawak Teji
11 - Msh Farqah
12 - Fi Tali Elleil
13 - Men Metah
14 - La Trouh
15 - Hani Hani
16 - Ey Tehbni

البوم #دنيا_بطمة - قريباً في الأسواق | Dounia Batma - new album coming

#دنيا_بطمة - هني هني | Dounia Batma - Hani Hani


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