Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Retro Duet By Walid Tawfik & Marwa Nagy "Remsh Einouh"

Marwa Nagy is an Egyptian opera singer, she is young and hungry. Walid Tawfik is a seasoned singer from Lebanon, he is famous in the seventies and eighties. The couple have a rich Tarab duet that I like. Not clear how this collaboration took place, but it's pretty nice to see an old feel recreated now.

The song is about falling in love with somebody with gorgeous eyelashes.The song is in Egyptian and the music feels like we are back in that time we got used to appreciating without being actually there. It's a party song, and the artists do show great chemistry. Walid is back in the element and this might be the best song he had for a decade or so. Marwa is lucky to get to work with Walid, the aging rock star whose charm has not gone down.

This is an older song that gets a new lease on life

Walid Tawfik &; Marwa Nagy - Remsh Einouh | وليد توفيق و مروة ناجي - رمش عينه


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