Thursday, October 16, 2014

WATCH: #عساف - لوين بروح | #Assaf - La Wayn Brouh "To Where Are We Headed"?

The dark side for Arab Idol Assaf is now out in public.

For a kid from Gaza, Palestine Assaf is a lucky guy, it might be that he is good--whatever it's he has done well for himself and his family and his community. Assaf goes grownup mode and it feels refreshing to see him sing like an old bitter man who is tired. And he is hurt who has had enough. Assaf has stuck to happy songs in his two years, but now comes the new album and all shades are clear. Assaf is doing a variety of songs to please all age groups and demographics.

The jjourneydoes matter, just check in with your loves ones and let them know that they matter. Love the music work by Ziad Bourji, the lyrics of Ahmad Madi express so much. Does it feel like you hear bits of Saber El Robaei?
#عساف - لوين بروح | #Assaf - La Wayn Brouh

Directed by Jac Mulder

Composed by: Ziad Bourji
Lyrics by: Ahmad Madi
Arranged by: Nasser Al Assaad
Executive Producer: Taymoor Marmarchi

#عساف - لوين بروح | #Assaf - La Wayn Brouh


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