Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Assaf Returns To Khan Yunis And Makes Everyone Happy! (Pictures)



Despite being one of the busiest Arab celebrities, Assaf made time to go visit his family home in the southern Gaza Strip city of Khan Younes--which is a giant refugee camp. Needless to say all his home boys, neighbors, old friends, teachers and everybody in the area flocked to their home to say help to their favorite son.

Assaf times the visit upon the return of his parents from the trip to Saudi Arabia to do Haj, there was many people visiting and this was a surprise visit. It was a personal visit and no work or other media commitment. Just Assaf and his family and friends. Note how everybody was smiles and excited to see the Arab Idol--the rocket from Gaza. Despite a brutal Israel war that erased effectively 25 percent of Gaza, this guy was able to bring out smiles in a battered people.

Assaf just set the stage of Arab Idol on fire few days ago, and his album has claimed the number one spot in every category and in every Arabic-speaking country it appears.

#عساف - لوين بروح | #Assaf - La Wayn Brouh



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