Friday, October 31, 2014

Family Court Forces Playboy Ahmed Ezz To Take DNA Test

Finally, it took them a year to issue this ruling by an Egyptian court in the city of Nasir has ruled that Egyptian actor Ahmed Ezz must submit to a DNA test to decide weather he is the father of the two lovely twins whose mother is actress Zeina.

For a long time now, Zeina has been making a claim that the handsome heartthrob is the father of her twins who were born in the States more than a year ago. Shit face Ahmed Ezz is not man enough to admit that they are his children indeed. He talked publicly about this and so far has refused to take the paternity test.

Now, we do not know what will come out of this, but whatever happens Ezz would lose. It's awkward really--he is either saying that Zeina the mother of his children is a whore, or that he does not want kids--flashback they are already here. If he knew he was right, why would he not take the test? Why would he here a shark attorney that has been attacking Ms. Zeina?

The next hearing is set for January 15th, 2015, by then the DNA test would have been conducted. Zeina is thrilled with this ruling, on her Instagram, she shared a verse from the Quran. "I am grateful to God, everyone congratulate me and thank you all for standing by my side,."

The actress claims that Ezz was overjoyed when they found out she was pregnant with his twins. That’s when they apparently agreed to officially and publicly tie the knot, but Ezz backed out from the idea later. Ahmed denies the twins are his.

It’s difficult to know who to trust in this two-sided baby drama, since Zeina’s lawyer, Assem Qandil, told Al Hayat TV that Ezz had secretly married to Egyptian singer Angham years ago, something that Ezz had also denied at the time.


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