Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sisi's Egypt Stinks, But This Song Doesn't

Hamza Namira is the original indie artist for the youth of Egypt. The care bear musician and singer does not do politics, but he speaks up when he sees something he does not like. Now, he is an artist not a politician. We do not have many mainstream artists who play a guitar and sing beautiful songs. Though, we need to know the music is inspired by an Egyptian folklore.

He may not be happy with the way things have gone down last year, but he still misses Egypt when he is away and when he is at home. So for those who love that dear land, here's his famous songs about wanting to go home, the song pays tribute to many Egyptian towns and cities. The song is like a nice tour of many places in Egypt.

It's a classic, really this song will be around for a long time. Like that Dalida song, Hamza knows it's a hit and his fans enjoy it. Hamza is the son of that land and he has done many songs, he likes to record and mix in Turkey. But his stories are always about the motherland.

Hamza Namira - Balady Ya Balady | Live at The Apollo Theatre


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