Monday, October 27, 2014

This Famous Singer Waited In Line To Get His Drugs!

If you grew up in the 80s, you will know who Ali Himadya is. He is a Egyptian folk singer (whose family has connections to Libya) who was the coolest guy on TV at that time. We loved his songs so much, that no party, no beach, no boom box goes without his music--and yes car cassette players as well.

But Ali has been missing for two decades, he does do local events in Alexandria where he lives and he just did a duet with Mostafa Kamel's 2014 album. But the beloved singer made the news today. He was standing in a hospital line to get some medications. Solvadi is the medications he will be using for his hepatitis C.

the singer refused to get the medications for free and paid for it 2200 Egyptian pounds. He was one of the ten who got the medications at that hospital. There was a huge line. Ali did apply online using the Ministry of Health online form and he was instructed to go pick up his new medication. Ali did not want to travel and seek medical attention in the States. The doc advised him to stay home and get the medications which would be a lot cheaper at home than anywhere else.

May Ali and all ill people of the world recover and live long.

فيديوكليب أغنية لولاكي علي حميدة


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