Friday, October 17, 2014

Moroccan Jamila Bewitches The Gulf With "Dahya"

Her name means beautiful, but her voice is the real attraction. Moroccan songstress Jamaila who have changed her zip code to be in the Gulf keeps her fans impressed with her vocal ability. The release of a new spunky song where she calls her loved one "sneaky" or "calculating" is actually an entertaining song even for those who do not love Gulf music.

The music is unmistakingly meant for the Gulf, the lyrics are pretty accessibly, but Jamila's performance is pretty good. She is young and talented and in the Gulf that pays. This Moroccan has a legacy to build but legacy pays the rent in the long run. For now money is in weddings. Something about her looks tell me she grew up and lead an easy life. Not sure how she ended up in the Gulf, but if that's the price to get her songs produced, then be it.

#جميلة - داهية | Jamila - Dahya


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