Sunday, October 5, 2014

Young and Talented Natasha Glows In Her 2014 "Zahma" Album @rotana @rotanamousicaTV


01 - Agheeb
02 - Daweni
03 - El Ghayab
04 - Enta Safar
05 - Fi Aman Allah
06 - Kel Elomar
07 - Kelmetein
08 - Ma Abeak
09 - Shokran
10 - Tabaai Khagool
11 - Tahyati
12 - Ya Eyounah
13 - Youm
14 - Zahma


One of my favorite young pop stars is none other than the lovely Natasha from Lebanon, she did move to Saudi Arabia with her family to make music for the local taste. I loved her songs four years ago, and still think she is one of those fresh and young talents that come across as spunky and girly.

Rotana loves this young woman and she gave them her best. This is why a 14 track album comes this fall with some much flavor and excitement. Natasha comes from a home that loves making music as both her father and brother write lyrics and compose songs.

I think Gulf music pays and Natasha's talent is good wherever she decides to take it to. Good music is good music no matter where it comes from. Here's her new album, and its pretty good. This is her second studio album, and it's a loss not to see her doing some of her Lebanese and Egyptian pop, but a good production allows a Gulf song to be an enjoyable experience.

Natasha ... Zahma - Video Clip | ناتاشا ... زحمه - فيديو كليب


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