Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Let Asmara - Mashallah Do The Tick (Audio)

Lebanese pop artist Asmara marks a different return. She is back with a different style for a song. There are those club songs, and there are those good songs that fit to be played in a night club. This is Asmara's new single. It's a different track, something like what Westerners would appreciate and enjoy. a loud song, that keeps you interest with simple verses and energizing melody.

This is a decent song, had it been sung by an a list artist, news stories would be written. But Asmara has a winner, and I like how it feels. The way they tossed the song together is allows for a perfect flow and a harmony that one does not hear often. I love the percussions, and the vague Arabic beat with that rap feel.  

Asmara - Mashallah (Audio) / اسمرا - ماشالله

Asmara - Mashallah
Lyrics by: Nabil Abou Abdo
Composer: Sajid Wajid
Arranger: Jean-Marie Riachi


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