Sunday, October 19, 2014

Assaf Returns To Arab Idol And Raises Hell (Video) #Assaf

Arab Idol and MBC needed a boost in ratings, and they needed some good news (Ahlam keeps insulting people and talking trash) Assaf just released his debut album and wanted to be all over the radar, so he appeared on the show where he made his name. He joined the 13 other contestant on the 3rd season of Arab Idol. It was some party, but Assaf was the best news on that show.

Note how Assaf was even a bigger deal than some of the judges--who may be jealous of what Assaf has accomplished in very short year. He sang his famous Palestine song, but before each of the young singers did a bit of a homage song for their respective own motherlands. Some of these voices are worth it, like the guy from the UAE whose voice is pretty awesome. The lady from Egypt has a good soul and a sweet good vibe.

Assaf did a number of songs, the new ones are pretty bold. It made sense to have more than one song for Egypt--there are four Egyptians on the last 13. Two Syrians, and Two Palestinians. Assaf did have a lot more confidence, he is not being judged this once. He is now a seasoned artist who has already traveled more miles than all the judges combined. He has already sang for more people than any of the judges will ever be able to do.

Arab Idol - محمد عساف - شو بتخبرونا - الحلقات المباشرة

Arab Idol -محمد عساف - أيوا

Arab Idol - محمد عساف والمشتركين- ميدلي وطني - الحلقات المباشرة


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