Thursday, October 23, 2014

WATCH: Iman - Fi Hayati House Music

Here's an tired idea for a pop star to make a music video, rent an abandoned garage and get the ladies to dance to electro music, bring a guy with a skateboard and feature a car. This is the idea that has been made into a million music video around the world. Iman from Lebanon read the same memo. The Lebanese Jean Saliba and his company produced this music video.

She is bold as her outfits seem worth of American pop stars, they are forward it, I like how she winks at the boys and dances with half a dozen of naked boys. Then comes the strange bathtub scene and the scented candles. I like how many outfits

The good news, Iman has a really sweet voice and a real talent, but without dressing down, she might not have a way to make this music video. Not sure what comes next for Iman, but sure she got her song out there.

Iman - Fi Hayati


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