Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Multi-Talented @HossamLHossainy Hossam El Husseiny Has A Party Party!

Hossam the Hoss transitioned from a rapper into an actor into finally a director. Now he returns with a song about partying. I like this Egyptian entertainer as he seems to be able to wear many hats all at once. This is one more reason why he got to sing some a beauty contest in the States last month for Ms.. Arab America.  He has already shown his cool side when he starred alongside Tamer Hosny in his films.

But as a director, he won me over earlier this year when he directed El Shafie's romantic song. I may not be a big fan of auto-tune, it might be a bit dated now, but here's his new party party track for the party animal inside. for me, the tiny bit of Egyptian part about this song was worth it. Which should not be a surprise from a director/producer - actor/comedian - singer/rapper - writer/lyricist--what does he not do?

As for the picture, I was not sure what I was looking at. This is what we have right now, but until we see his upcoming album, we have to wait. Hoss is finishing up his anticipated International album that contains collaborations with major artist from the Middle East and the whole World.

Hossam El Husseiny - Party Party | حسام الحسيني


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