Friday, October 10, 2014

The Arab Who Dazzled The Turkish "The Voice"

Karima Gouit did not hold back, she knew she was out of place, she did not speak the language of Turkey, she tried and she got a spot on the program. The Moroccan lady who appeared on Star Academy's 8th season did not win the title. So she took a different route, she auditioned for the Voice--the Turkish edition and did she wow them?

She really blew me away and from the looks of it the judges were pleasantly surprised by her mighty voice and her authentic style. Karima performed an Arabic song that originally had a Turkish melody, and the moment she held the microphone, the panel of judges all turned to enjoy her live performance. Karima made the cut and picked a couch.

Aside from her amazing voice, grace and warm personality, Karima is a very gorgeous lady. One more thing, she sings in more than one language--see her English covers.

Let's not forget the Lebanese who appeared on the French voice, Aline Lahoud went far and did a wonderful job.

كريمة غيث تدهش لجنة الحكم في برنامج تركي Karima gouit


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