Monday, October 20, 2014

Meet The Mean Lebanese Dancer On Dancing With The Stars

She is one of the latest pop sensation who had a n album last year after four singles that generated buzz for this young songstress. Since she is riding a high wave, she took a stint at the Lebanese version of Dancing With The Stars--she is a dazzling dancer with so much flexibility and smooth moves.

She held a concert at home and spoke to the press about how she wants no one to win the title of Dancing With The Stars other than her. She is a young lady with a lot going right for her, and I know she is all about entertainment. I know Naya is the biggest participant on the show and the news follows her.

Watch her talk to the interviewer talking about her music as a fun thing for her--it's not work. Now she is working on a new single and a music video. I think the interviewer got her upset but she tried to keep her cool, I hope she win the title. But she actually didn't.....she has a concert in Qatar and one in Lebanon. I like how she is not thinking to act, these hard to come by.

Naya - " Dancing With Stars " نايا في حفل ناجح و " ما بدي حدى غيري ينجح في


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