Saturday, October 25, 2014

It's HERE! Watch: Nancy Ajram - Yalla (Official Video Clip) نانسي عجرم - فيديو كليب يلا

When she is not making stars on Arab Idol,Nancy Ajram is making new music and filming music vidoes that sell products. Everything she does in here new upcoming music video is for sale.  Nancy Ajram is getting paid to sell all kind of things--now she sells toothpaste.

This retro Nancy Ajram look, and pop diva stage concerts is pretty cool. Nancy Ajram ages backward, she pulls the high school look and if it works for her--it can work for anyone of us. I like the storyboard in here, she the main attraction ditches the stage to be with the one she has a crush on. There is so much happening in the music video, so much to pay attention to. She is center stage and is becoming better at the showmanship.

Fans adore her and she never lets them down. I like this side of her who works harder than most, and fights for everything. She keeps up with the trends and pop culture, helped by a huge team of advisers. Nancy sells a fantasy love story here and it still something she can do.  


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