Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Mhamad Iskandar New "Selfie" Song Is A Golden Hit (Video)

There's a sitcom show on ABC right now with the name Selfie...but Lebanese pop star Mhamad Iskander is hitting them hard those who take selfie. Snapping pictures is nothing new, but the obsession with taking photos of themselves.

It takes the coolest old man of pop to point out the obvious....and this is a charming song that shows how dangerous these pictures can be. So many of us are in danger as a result of irresponsible behavior. Mr. Iskandar just turned 54 and these are awesome years, the guy dances and moves like he is 20...this song is not grumpy like old men tend to be.

Fares, the hip lyricist wrote this pop culture art, and his father nailed its performance and this is why it travelled well. Obsession is what it is. Something about the Iskander household that makes them effortlessly cool. The song is riddled with pop culture references. It's awesome that the singer would play a taxi driver this goes to show his sense of humor.

Mhamad Iskandar - El Aalam Jannit (Official Music Video) / محمد إسكندر - العالم جنت


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