Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Have You Met Rasha Yet? Rotana Gives A New Diva A Chance

Let's all meet Rasha, the latest addition to Arab pop stars. Rasha's new song has been released and filmed with Rotana. A music video by Rotana has to be a big deal. The surprise, Rasha is a new comer. While Rotana works with all the big names, they do not seem to do well with newer faces--those go to other music labels like Music is my Life and Platinum Records. Egyptian talents do not necessarily feel Rotana to be a natural habitat, and the same goes from young artists.

This is almost an expensive music video to make, Rasha pulls a stunning appearance and new dance moves in style. I know very little about this pop diva who seems to work as hard as those show girls in the West. As for the voice, I think the base and foundation are good, it just a little bit more character and flavoring.

But this can work, image is a big deal now and Rasha got that, it's almost that voice is an added values in today's music industry. Great images and some amazing cinematography here from a lady who wants fame and is about to get it.

Rasha ... Gaya El Ayam - Video clip | رشا ... جايا الأيام - فيديو كليب


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