Wednesday, July 1, 2015

George Zougheib Returns With An Age Inappropriate (Yet Great) Song

Few years ago, George Zougheib was a little chubby boy with a gifted voice that was discovered at a young age. Now he is a teen and still held to his nice voice. He is still loosely wrapped as well, I love his voice for real. He has so many years of experience without having to be old.

For his music video he brings horses and ladies in jeans and short tees. I do not know what the kid had to be sexualized like that. Why cannot he just do something else? He is singing for another little girl that he has a crush on and the song really makes him sound like he is 50 years of age. The song is about having had it with pain and distance.

Why cannot kids just be kids? Why do they have to live romantic stories and feel that they have to appeal to the old base. Then her father finds out about this love story and kicks him out of the horse stable.

Make no mistake this is a heavy song, those who like Tarab music will cheer. I just think he is too young for this kind of music video. He has a strong voice and it seems to get better with time. The music for George's song is pretty amazing.
George Zougheib Me7taj El Wafa جورج زغيب محتاج الوفى


  1. I don't have a problem with a 15-year-old singing about the pain of a crush that isn't working out because teenagers are melodramatic and overrun by hormones. They act like the world is coming to an end if somebody messes up their order at McDonald's. George is going through an awkward phase of life, so it's not surprising his career is, too. Too old to be young, too young to be old.

    I agree that the video is a challenge to enjoy, tho.