Thursday, January 17, 2013

WATCH: Dreamy Rabih Baroud - Awal Forsa / ربيع بارود - أول فرصة

In June 2012, Rabih Baroud released his debut album in a local Lebanese club. The album had nine songs. The song below is dedicated from the Rabih Baroud's brother to his lovely wife on their wedding day. This background story is value added to the song.

Sweet romantic songs have to originate from some real place, otherwise, we do not feel them. The song is about the first dance, the white dress and feeling like the princess you are. The lyrics sound to have been written be a well behaved player.

Rabih uses his charm and good looks to tell the story. A mellow song comes form a new and young star who is nothing short of being in love. It's a slow song, it makes a perfect dance song at our Arabic weddings. The other good news, the music is also the creation of Rabih.

Rabih Baroud - Awal Forsa / ربيع بارود - أول فرصة


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