Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Miami Band New Dance Single اغنيه جديد فرقة ميامي 2013 ياعين مالية

Kuwaiti men band has released a new single for the one they love. It sounds like a song from the folklore, yet it feels original. For those who like and follow the band and its releases might want to give this song a listen.

Miami had two songs, the cool song they make for the pan Arab audience and the other song they make for local consumption. The local songs give them concert engagements, the other one put them on a bigger radar. This is a really long song for dancing men with canes, it's almost 9 minutes long, they just do not make them this long no more.

One question, what's the topic of the song? the lyrics are all over the place, I am lost. Is it about the cool girls from the Gulf by country and region? I must say I am impressed, but I kind of wish the people in the Gulf would marry locally.

اغنيه جديد فرقة ميامي 2013 ياعين مالية


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