Tuesday, January 22, 2013

KARMA: Spanish Guitar Egyptian Style With Amr Tantawy

I love Spanish guitar as much as the next guy, love the smooth and playful instrument where few strokes can get you to dance  dream and to love the moment. There's a new old name in Egyptian flavor Spanish guitar and he is climbing his way to the top of the charts. His nae is Amr Tantawy and he is ready to play in the big league.

Seriously, why does it have to have the name Amr? First Amr Diab made is popular and hip to experiment with the guitar in Arab pop. Then Amr Moustafa did dozens of melodies wit the Guitar, and now comes Amr Tantawy with his guitar academy. Amr composes music and brings so much happiness with his musical gift. Amr has performed his guitar as a member of the Amr Diab band and he has done his own shows as well.

Amr adores the Latin style guitar, melodies and beats, he has already released an album with his take on such global music. He has been celebrated as the most famous guitar player in Egypt and Arabia. He has been playing the guitar for 22 years and he has been in the business for a really long time. Give his "Karma" piece an opportunity to dazzle you.
Amr Tantawy - Karma / عمرو طنطاوي - كارما


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