Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Incredible Old School Throwback By Shayma Helaly شيما هلالي - إمتى نسيتك

Whoever suggested that the Tarab song is dead poke too soon. Tarab songs are the old sounding real songs with minimal computer affects, real instruments, slow moving melody, strong vocal showing "forte", and the magical overall feel.

That formula has been working for generations, but it seems to have been lost due to the overcrowded pop music scene. But an unlikely star is bringing it back with a new style of her own. Tunisian Shayma Helaly who had a good run in 2007 and 2008 is making her much needed comeback noticed with her new romantic ballad. One of things about Shayma is her obsession with the golden era songs since she was a little girl.

I am encouraged to hear and watch the song, because most stars are now banking on doing Gulf songs instead of trying for the real deal. This is a like giving CPR to this old style that has been buried for at least two years. Shayma came a long way from her days at the Star Academy show, her delicate persona and strong voice offer the perfect formula for a warm and soul- friendly sweet performance.

"Emta Nseitak" turns little boys into men and teaches woman all about the emotional complexity of that thing we call love. The music video was filmed in Lebanon, and Shayma wear five different outfits in the duration of the music video. While no one can miss the artist's good and stylish look, her voice stole the show in this golden performance.

Note the special and visual affects the music video director Fadi Haddad puts to a good use. The lyrics are the work of the A lister, Mohammad El Refaei and Ameer Mahrous and We are hoping for her comeback album, due this year.

Respect Shayma Helaly! This lady can rock!

Shayma Helaly - Emta Nseitak / شيما هلالي - إمتى نسيتك


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