Tuesday, January 15, 2013

DOWNLOAD: Rashed Al Majid "Mosiba راشد الماجد "مصيبه"

Saudi hit-maker Rashed Al Majid records in secret in large part to avoid the too many composers and poets who want to give him their finest works. In that department he has too many choices, and he seems to only record the cream of the crop.

His new album comes in January 2013, the and release of his album which he has titled "Disaster", or perhaps "Catastrophe" soars high with 15 golden tracks. Mark my word, this album will sell like those hot Eid cookies. He will conquer the music charts and stay there until he has had enough. 

This is a different album that comes in different shades. It will give you the soul scratching romance, the poetic lyrics that have rich meaning, the happy and upbeat dance melodies, and life wise lessons that Rashed shares with his listeners. Rashed has been a household name in Arabic music for 15 years or so. But in the past 7 of those he has focused solely on the local music from the Gulf region. And just like he made a name for himself outside that region, he brings us all to this region.

He has been dubbed as the golden boy, the voice that has the golden touch whose audience include kings, emirs and people of power. This is not so strange since his music is so empowering and liberating at the same time.  

01 - Garebi
02 - Majani El Noom
03 - Tehedoona
04 - Al Baie3
05 - Wailoh
06 - Te7seb Enak
07 - Mosiba
08 - Keln Teghnali
09 - Zawedtha
10 - Tazakareen
11 - Rahat Alai
12 - Halal Fih Eljarh
13 - Ya Qalbi
14 - Mahlah
15 - Yegool Rashed

Rashed Al Majid "2013" RBT Promo 3 | راشد الماجد "2013" نغمات الأنتظار

Rashed Al Majid "Mosiba" Soon | راشد الماجد "مصيبه" قريباً


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