Thursday, January 31, 2013

Video: Syrian Rouwaida Attieh Sydney Concert

The Syrian and Lebanese expats who call the Island of Australia home, won't let the music stop. This is why in the Australian capital Sydney, they had a sold out concert with one of the hottest young A lister entertainers in Syria, Rouwaida Attieh. She is one of the most authentic and realize throwback to all things classical in party songs written in the Bedouin dialect.

She is fresh from a divorce, and a hot new single once again. She hit the road with her new and old songs to cheer up folks who appreciate her style. Her strong and almost manly voice can move monuments. Her stage persona glows and brings people to her.

She is truly the life of the party, and people see that. Not sure if this was a wedding or a concert, but either case Rouwaida Attieh owned the night. Syria might not be in the perfect mood right now, but voices like Rouwaida tell us at least they are alive.

اهلا بهل الطلة حفلة سيدني


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