Wednesday, January 23, 2013

GD Turns Up The Heat With Upcoming Duet

Lebanese mogul GD  is taking some serious moves toward becoming a full-time pop star. GD has always had the singing thing going, but now he is stepping up his efforts by making more songs, recording albums and brings more of his Lebanese entertainers and friends to perform in Atlantic City. For starter, GD might be doing a great service to the Lebanese song, he business savvy ways and connections are helping bring the Lebanese song into a new territories.

To do that, he booked a New York studio invited and up and coming vocalist Woroud to join him on his upcoming duet. The duet is titled "Salmta Qalby", I have surrender her my heart. The romantic lyrics are the words of Salah Al Kurdi and the music is the craft of Nasser Al Assad. I have liked past songs from this duo before, and I know they will give George a winner, I am hoping the musical arrangement keep up to this song, if it does, then this song has legs.

The pictures of the recording session have caught fire and I know I dig the GD's new look. GD was first dazzled by the lyrics and the melody, and since he wanted to support Ward who deserves to be an artist on her own merit, they have recorded the song in the presence of its composer. I am hoping to be wowed by Woroud and her temple of emotions voice.

The song will air in Lebanon and the United States, I know I am waiting to see GD bring out the romantic inside him. He has already made us party to his songs, but can his talent turn us into gooey romantics?

GD @ Ragheb Alama Launching