Friday, January 18, 2013

The National Iraqi Soccer Team Is The Kingmaker هذا العراقي - ديو حاتم العراقي وشذى حسون

Iraqis are lead to believe that they only agree on very few things at this moment. Soccer is one of the things that brings the country together, and the national team seems to be doing very well in the Asia and Arab Cups and beyond. I celebrate the winning of the Iraqi team, and wish them the best.

They have to deal with harsh political reality and grim situation on the ground, yet the players do their best to bring some joy into the Iraqi life. So, one of the Iraqi most original voices is Hatem El Iraqi, whose name is as good as gold. See the images that accompany this rushed song music video landing in time as the Iraqi team revives its old glory. The song just landed and it has already traveled the world and back, Iraqis always love their motherland.

Shatta Hassou has done sport songs in the past, this one is new and this one puts her in a new light. she is willing to learn form those who came before her, like the icon she shares the Microphone with.

He teams up with someone who brings cool into the equation  Shatha Hassoun and together the perform a song for the Iraqi soccer team built on pride. I give my respect to the team, they have been one heck of a ride to watch. As for the song, it's a good song made for Iraqis, it does give some of them goose bumps. The melody is simple are so are the lyrics. I love the pat where it say will not not be left out.

 هذا العراقي - ديو حاتم العراقي وشذى حسون - Hatha el iraqi


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