Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tomy Omran Murdred By His Gay Lover In Upcoming Music Video

Saudi-American pop star, model among other things Tomy Omran is talking u his next music project. He is filming a music video for a song he has recorded "Angels In The Sky"

For the story Tomy would tell an unconventional love story, he has a secret gay lover who has a crush on him, but Tomy likes this Brazilian girl and wants to get married her. So the secret gay lover is enraged and tries to break up the lovely love story. He tries to work on the girl's side trying to ruin her image of Tomy. Then he offered to give Tomy money to get him to change his ways, but Tomy does not buy it.

So, the obsessed gay lover does, the next logical thing, he murders Tomy. I know a lot of Saudis have talked about doing just that, because they Hate Tomy not love him. But sometimes those are the same thing. So the deranged lover murders Tomy in front of his future wife's eyes! To take revenge. The story is subtle so, if you do not know, you would not know unless told otherwise.

Stay classy Tomy, this is the last thing gay people need, you show them as murderers and crazy people, they already have tons of trouble, you are not making is easy for them. I know people are called you names before, so I do not know what the message here, and it seems from reading all those comments, I am hardly the only one.

I do realize that some people are a little sensitive when the issue of homosexuality and Saudi Arabia are in one sentence, there is passion on both sides of the debate. And yes, there are a lot of lies, denies and delusions on this matter. Tomy is addressing a problem as he sees it.

I think his foes just chill, he is an entertainer doing harm to no one. He is making the dance tracks that make sense to people who like European and Russian parties and DJs. Tomy has gone to lengths no other Saudi man has gone, he is kissing on camera. I also find his sense of style compelling. The back story requires some attention  but goes well with the theme and the general mood of the song. It's something different that most Arab sings feel like.

Angel in the sky - Tomy Omran - 2013


  1. its awesome song wooooooooooooow

  2. I love it very cool song

  3. this guy so beautiful
    so handsome singer and he has a very talented voice

  4. his voice is very ordinary , but he looks and behaves like a gay person

  5. he is so sexy pfffffffffffffffffffff please marry me Tomy

  6. The issue shouldn't be with the gay lover, it should be the idea of an arab wanting to marry a western bitch. this is shit.

  7. wow, fuckinshityo you are so retarded...