Monday, December 10, 2012

Listen: Haifa Wehbe 2012 ريمكس هيفاء وهبى - ملكة جمال الكون | دانس ريمكس

It's time to dance to a new remix for Haifa Wehbe's song of the summer of 2012. MJK, Miss Universe song which she is filming a music video for and burned thousands of dollars in New York to bring us one worthy picture for a pop diva that keeps raising the bar.

Not sure how the new music video will look like, I have seen the promo and Haifa is looking as gorgeous as she has always done. She is now a free agent in the wake of her divorce from Egyptian businessman. This is a good mix for a fun pop song about looking good and showing what you have.

I am thinking the image accompanying the remix is part of the new music video and Haifa is bring sexy back

ريمكس هيفاء وهبى - ملكة جمال الكون | دانس ريمكس | 2012


  1. Haha, the cover looks a bit weird. Ain't it a bit creepy to grab your own tits? And the look on her face is not exactly GP13. The whole thing looks like a cover for adult mag, unfortunately. But Haifa is good anyway.