Monday, December 10, 2012

Morocco's Most Famous Song الأنشودة المغربية ( الله يا مولانا )

Traditions matter in the land of Morocco, the people are faithful, yet they tend to be more progressive than a lot of Muslims. In a land where history has a price tag, it matters if you are well versed in the rich history of that land. This is the main reason, why Arab singers insist on doing Moroccan songs. It';s a good way to get on the radar of people who organize music festivals.

The Moroccan listener is hard to please, and one cannot fake have to sing your heart out. The most famous Moroccan song is known as Allah Ya Molana, "God is our Sheppard" While the people of that land come to enjoy music from all over the map, they like to know they are special. So any star who is not Moroccan and makes a song in that dialect and style, they embrace him/her.

It pays to already speak that hard to crack dialect. Shada Hassoun had it easy, she is Moroccan from one side., Iraqi from another.

 الأنشودة المغربية ( الله يا مولانا ) شذى حسون - Alah Ya Molana Shatha


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