Monday, December 10, 2012

An Egyptian Artist Chases Another With A Gun And Thugs

Eman El Bahr Darwish, the head of the singers guild in Egypt had to run away from the office building where his office used to be. His deputy composer and singer Mostafa Kamel who has been locked in a feud with him, heard that Eman was back in his office so he brought his personal gun and few of his friends and headed to the office were Eman was.

Eman learned of the plan so he ran away for his life form the back stairs. Mostafa Kamel chased after Eman and showed off his gun. This has been reported on a number of entertainment websites. Eman got in his car and sped away form the area.

The beef between those two is as follows, Mostafa Kamel has accused Eman of stealing money for the the artists guild, and getting an illegal electricity line without paying for it. Eman said he has a verdict that cleared him for stealing the 15 thousand Egyptian pound. And he has no property in the area where he was supposed to have an illegal electricity line. Eman maintains this is due to political differences where he thinks Mostafa Kamel is a big fan of the Mubarak regime party.

This is a sad say when singers chase one another with guns and thugs. This is an issue that should not be taken lightly. Eman is a legend and Kamel is one of the most celebrated composers and song writers in Egypt. They should not be showing this kind of stunts. It does everyone wrong.

Eman el bahr Darwish......ايمان البحر درويش احساس بريء

Mostafa Kamel (Ezayak Habiby)


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