Monday, December 10, 2012

@ScriptsOn And Intosong Steals Content From Hot Arabic Music

I have never given permission to to reproduce material I personally write for this blog. The admin of that site, publishes my posts and videos on their website without attributing them to us. This is a serious violation of copy rights. We will do our best to bring this matter to an end.

My heard work, and knowledge are being abused on day light some some other lazy blogger who does not have any creativity of their own. So, they are stealing my posts without consulting with me. This is a theft and I will see an end to this.

Do not take my word, go see a 100 percent of my articles re-published their eon their latest news sections. No one wants to see their hard work go to waste by some ungrateful lazy and lowlife person.  There are a number of steps we can take, I have dealt with this issue before and we closed a website that publishes our content without our permission.

Please do your part be letting this blog and the people behind it to stop this practice. They can go ahead and write their own articles. 


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