Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Listen Shaza Hassoun: شذى حسون الهواوي 2013 النسخة الاصليه

She is back and has a new single out, she is hotter than those Christmas cookies and warmer than the oven that baked them, she is Shatah Hassoun, the unique mega star, her new Gulf dance single, made right for the concert season.

She made this song for some folks out in the Khalij not her biggest fans in places like Amman Jordan and Beirut.

Listen: شذى حسون الهواوي 2013 النسخة الاصليه


  1. Is this chick overrated? Nothing special about her voice just monotonous singing. Music that leaves u indifferent. She doesn't do justice to Gulf music in my opinion.

  2. I do not disagree with you. She made few good songs, but at this point, she can do average songs and her fans worship her. Plus the men of the Khalij adore her and give her their best songs. Some people are lucky. Thanks