Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Gulf Bike Week And Fat Rich Arabs

Bikes are not just a mean of transportation, they are fashion statement about a person who owns one. A bike makes one interesting, makes you look rich and makes you look sporty. Bikes are often among the first things, people buy when they have become rich.

They have cars and what's not, but not they want to look cool and sporty. Men likes it because it makes them look younger and certainly it makes them feel younger. Some women like bikes too, that's why the ever changing city of Dubai where tax dodgers go to live held a bike week where tourists are locals alike flocked the event to browse and purchase what they like.

To add more to the dazzle, they have a concert there too, and it was not an Arab artist either. To be fair some broke Arabs also like bikes, but they cannot afford one. Young people are reckless so be careful.

أكبر مهرجان للدرَّاجات النَّاريَّة في دبي


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