Sunday, December 23, 2012

Ragheb Alama "Not Kidding" In His Upcoming Album

While at MBC Egypt's launch gala, the Lebanese super star talked about next album project. It will be titled  "I Am Not Kidding" and it will have seven to eight tracks in a number of Arabic dialect. One of those Dialects will be the Iraqi one, something Ragheb has not done before. Ragheb is one of the few Arab rock stars who have made music only one side of their personality. As he has a hit TV show as a judge on Arab Idol as well as other ventures.

I hope Ragheb gives us a good album, the one before the last one was A, the last one was a B album. While he performed in the MBC gala, the notorious Egyptian dancer Dina performed an act to some of his songs while he was on stage.

Ragheb has been engaged in Lebanon in the aftermath of the bomb that went off there and he has attended the funeral for the government official who have been targeted.

راغب علامة


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