Saturday, December 29, 2012

Download: Fayez Al Said 2013 Colorful Album البوم فايز السعيد - صاروخ

The most popular and the busiest composer in the Arab World--Fayez Al Saeed is out with a new album--the one with 17 tracks. He has his own studio, lots of money from all those high rolling singers in the Gulf who ask him for music.He comes from a good family and he seems to be popular with Arab stars in the East and the West. While most stars are holding back from releasing new material, Fayez goes full speed with a full album that gives each and every one in Arabia something to cherish.

As a singer though he is somewhere between dance go lucky songs and funny lines commenting on everyday life like  being stock in the traffic. His music is always loud and clear, but it does not feel fresh every time. He does songs for the young men and women of the Gulf. I feel he is not trying to be another Mohammed Al Mazzim. He wants people to tune in to his local music.

I respect that, but I have a feeling some might not approve of his cool antics. I find them refreshing and keep the Gulf music interesting. However,I know some might find the bests dated or stereotypical for Khaliji music. The interesting thing fact, Fayez writs music for poetic and romantic songs, but when it comes to his own songs they are less romantic and more dancey. Look at the title of his album "The Rocket", which is a slang for a gorgeous woman I am guessing. In 60 Geneh he is teasing the Egyptians listeners to see how it goes--he is going Egyptian dialect in a song about bad habits and making the right call.

At least on this album Fayez tries his luck with Iraqi style songs and think he is no different performing this style that the local Iraqi artists. I do have to confess, his track "Maqamat" makes me feel interested in that serious musical side of Fayez--he is capable of so much. He makes his music like he is still living in the old desert with falcons and horses running around.

I give this album an A for variety, excitement and volume not to forget the top notch production value. I hope you enjoy Fayez'a hard work.

01 - Al3emara
02 - Bent El Lazina
03 - ElSara7a
04 - Sarokh
05 - Hallo 3eny
06 - Sama3ny Soutak
07 - Fas Mal7
08 - Regly 3la Reglak
09 - Barra Barra
10 - Heeh
11 - Lam Lam
12 - Daq Hewa
13 - Maqamat
14 - La Barek
15 - Many Fady
16 - 60 Geneh
17 - Mafeny Ella Elkher

‫اغنية فايز السعيد - صاروخ | النسخة الاصلية | 2013‬


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