Thursday, December 27, 2012

Chevrolet's Beautiful Assault On Arabic Music

Business would stop at nothing to promote their products, nothing beats a good song that everyone can relate to. I do drive a Chevrolet and I do like Arabic music. I may not follow Arab Idol, but I know what;s going on. The idea behind this commercial is simple, bring all those young--and popular singers who are competing on Arab Idol, put them together and have them drive your awesome cars.

The product a lot of young people who like music are looking like they are having fun. Three boys and three girls together in the wilderness playing music, having a picnic and surrounded by their Chevy's. Since this is a singing competition, have them do a remixed version of an Arab classic the late Algerian Warda performed.

This is how you make a commercial, you explore a new concept, keep it interesting and do not take the same shot twice. And yes, it helps to have a good product to promote.

I love their time on the seaport. I think the drive in theater is also a fresh concept. This will surely make your Chevrolet Sonic seem event hotter. And on another note, what is with the scarves  why do all the dudes wear them? Am I missing something?

شڤروليه سونِك Arab Idol ريميكس - بتونس بيك


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