Monday, December 31, 2012

Listen: The No Dry Eye Arabic Song By Miami

Someone out there with too much time, made a video and used a song for that video, they have nothing in common, he got 9 million views. So, I had to check out this song...not bad. A song from a nobody that speaks about the void one has one someone that was there, no longer is.

The song belongs to the funky Kuwaiti Band Miami, none of the band's songs or music video have ever reached the 9 million--we did not check just guessing. So packaging and marketing do matter. This is a good song, but had this not been dubbed the "song that moves the feeling of millions" I would nevr have gave it a listen.

On another note, the band sort of manged to win the Google war and claim their band's name on the web. Type Miami Band, and they will turn up.

الاغنيه التي هزت مشاعر الملايين
اغنية ميامي انا اسف


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