Friday, December 21, 2012

WATCH The Epic Maya Diab - Shaklak Ma Btaaref / مايا دياب - شكلك ما بتعرف

This feels like a sci-fi flick, total recall meets i-Robot  with a hint of In Time, Maya Diab is the lady that has the power in her hands to take life away from any living thing. I must say the director has always wanted to make such a film and use so many computer effects. This time with Maya Diab and half a million dollar he was to see a portion of his dream come to life.

It's a futuristic picture with blips on the sky, and the feel of Cloud Atlas Said El Marouk sees his vision through, in a pop song with one of the most serious pop personality of 2012. Maya has finally come to announce herself as the one person that can steal your soul. She's got the power to make the world a better place. It takes money and time to bring a good picture and the director delayed this picture to make sure he is pleased with outcome.

If you have seen movies with female heroines like (Ultraviolet, and Aeon Flux) you will understand the final battle scene where Maya takes on half a dozen guards by dodging them while wearing high heels. Then she kicks their asses while looking sexy. Then she kicks in the door and frees her man from his prison. For change a lady saving the man not the other way around.

I think the English voice over affects makes it look and sound like a film trailer. Maya shaving her head is pretty new to the Arab world. The song starts with the Tattoo shot becomes a real shot of the starlet, who is looking good and I mean pop persona that's worthy of a global audience. I love the music for the song, it's pretty Arabic yet very upbeat. Like they have come up with a good and fresh melody that we have not heard before. As for the lyrics they are not the greatest.

The point is to make Maya a sex symbol, she does not disappoint and her seductive dance moves are telling of how far she is willing to go to eat the whole pop pie--not just a slice. There's plenty of action and a wonderful back story but the colors and the outfits along with the styles Maya brings out must have been time consuming. Keep on mind this was filmed in the city of Beirut and a lot of CG and green screen affects are to be expected.

Maya Diab - Shaklak Ma Btaaref / مايا دياب - شكلك ما بتعرف


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