Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Yes, Let's Make Another Crappy Egyptian Song

You tongue is dripping almonds, your posture is like a banana, your cheek are apples. This is how the song starts, a guy harassing what looks like a lady. And then they wonder about the increased waves of sexual harassment in the streets. Blame such sleazy infest movies.

Women do not like a guy who dances like a clown spitting lines toward them about how good looking they are. So ban those types and maybe then you get your lowered rate of sexual harassment. The song in question is promotional song for "Abdo Mootah" a movie about gang-banger drug dealer who wants to get rich quick.

If your music video has a belly dancer, it will get views and this it will make money. If you want to promote a shitty movie, bring out the dancer and have a guy do one sh'abi style song. The worst part is when they put a talented female singer in this shitty song--she deserves more. Boosy can sing and has a happy voice and high energy.

محمود الليثى وبوسى حط ايده ياه من فيلم عبده موته


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