Sunday, December 30, 2012

WATCH: Marwan Khoury Performs A Christmas Hymn مروان خوري - يا إلهي

Marwan Khoury is a singer, composer, poet and a musician. But what I think he is might not be too far from the truth. He is an intellectual who is always in quest to know something new and to do something he has never done before. He has made a very religious song in a way that even those who do not believe in anything can appreciate.

To show that, watch his new performance accompanied by a piano and doing a Christ man hymn made for all souls. A song that makes you want to worship. My understanding, he wrote the lyrics of the hymn where he gives thanks for all the good and simple things God has endowed us with.

This is a beautiful song that comes in the right time with a guy whose romantic songs have traveled the world. This song he has just performed live on TV is wonderful, it moves the listener with God's grace and it moves beyond religions and cultures. Bless Marwan's heart and may he have more because more for this guy does not go to waste.

This must be the year when Arabic Christians had the most songs--at least three Christmas albums out--two very religious ones. And now the Marwan Khour dazzling performance went viral. Is the Arab Spring affect? Or the affect of a slower music market?
 Marwan Khoury | مروان خوري - يا إلهي


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