Saturday, December 15, 2012

Video: Maya Diab - Shaklak Ma Btaaref (Teaser) - (مايا دياب - شكلك مابتعرف (دعاية

The music event of the decade is here, after months of delays and limitless amount of press coverage and promos, the teaser has arrived. Maya Diab is back and her music video is releasing in the anniversary of Yehya Saade, the music video director who died on set as he was making a music video for Maya. This is mean to be the motherload, the epic picture of 2012.

The director for this mega music video is Said El Marouk who seems not to do small projects anymore.  The promo feels like an offshoot of the popular franchise Resident Evil. The film was filmed in Beirut for three days, and the editing has taken months now. It will run to seven minutes. Maya had a great year and her career has taken off turning her into a full blown celebrity who has dozens of business ventures.

No denying, there are stunning affects and amazing shots put together to bring this blockbuster of a music video worthy of a diva that has pushed self-promotion into new territories. Salim Assaf wrote the lyrics, and the music. The music video was reported to have cost around 500 thousand dollars. You can buy a lot with such cash.

Maya Diab - Shaklak Ma Btaaref (Teaser) - (مايا دياب - شكلك مابتعرف (دعاية


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