Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Arab Idol Season 2 Cairo Casting With Wama Ahmed Fahmy

Hundreds of folks turned out to the Arab Idol casting call in Cairo, only few of them will see the bosses. But to make sure the casting works out well, the organizers brought Ahmed Fahmy to take charge of the process. The singer actor Ahmed Fahmy will be filming the casting process, talking to the people with dreams who want to appear on the show.

Fahmy will also travel to Morocco to film. This is a chaotic scene with a lot of opinionated young people who want to get Fahmy's attention. I do not like how they treat the people on the set, this is not a perfect way to deal with young people who have nothing but dreams. And yes, these people can also be annoying.

الموسم التاني من عرب ايدول (BESHOOo

 احمد فهمى فى فندق شيراتون لتقديم اراب ايدول 2


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