Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Wonder Kid Drives Lebanon Insane الطفل المعجزة جورج زغيب

 All of a sudden there is a little boy making the news in Lebanon, he has appeared in more musical festivals that many stars who have been in the business for years. His name is George Zoghib, he is a child who can sing and he looks like a cuddly bear.

Not sure what grade he is in at school, but when it comes to music, this guy is a graduate. Not only does George sing, but he also plays music too. The summer of 2012 was certainly his debut as he has toured the country entertaining thousands of people with his cover of old classical songs from Egypt and Lebanon.

Then, all the media programs wanted to talk to him and he did not disappoint. He was classy and carries his own water. Now he is working on a new national song for Lebanon, and the folks are talking about this guy who will be around for at least 40 years form now.

Ellie Saba has taken him under his wings and is recording his debut original song in his studio. All of a sudden people were comparing him to George Wassouf in 1975.

 Al Jaras - الجرس - الطفل جورج زغيب يغني لبنان يا قطعة سما

تصوير نادر - جورج وسوف ومواويل نادرة - كازينو لبنان 1975


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