Friday, December 28, 2012

Sherine To Collaborate With Her Ex For Her Album

Being divorced sucks, but keeping things cordial in the aftermath of a divorce is no easy task. I like how Sherine has conducted herself throughout her devastating divorce. Sherine and her former husband composer Moustafa Awad have separated this summer after five years of marriage and having two cute little girls. The media seemed to respect and honor the couple as they have not tried to make a huge deal out of this sudden divorce.

Sherine has refused to talk much about the divorce and kept herself busy on The Voice. That was a great move as most people were surprised by her sudden divorce. The pop diva has been busy working on her big comeback album after she has been freed from the shackles of Rotana. She is producing her own album, so she is the boss.

The good news, the rocking songstress and TV personality has picked her husband to give her three new musical composition for her songs. The news was shared by the former husband in an interview. the composer has commented, that songs have nothing to do with their disagreement and split.

On the same note, they couple may be reconciling and getting back together--they had their divorce story, now they may be able to rekindle their love once again.

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